Jump Rope for Heart Kicks Off

Jump Rope for Heart Kicks Off
Posted on 01/22/2018
Jump Ropers, Mrs. Brabitz, Mr. Bleinberger

Jump Rope for Heart is coming up on Wednesday, February 14th!! Our event will take place during the school day at your child’s Physical Education time.  We will be doing a combination of jumping stations and jumping rope.  Students do not need to know how to jump rope and are not required to raise any money.  Students who attend school that day will participate.  Although children are not required to raise any money, money that is raised will go to the American Heart Association. 

  1. Get a “jump start” and join our school team online.  Just click here: Click here to collect money online for Jump Rope for Heart heart.org/jump
  2. All students who join online and raise donations before our “kick off” on January 19th  will be recognized at the assembly
  3. AND if you raise $100 before the assembly you will receive extra recess!

THANK YOU for helping us build healthier lives, free of heart disease and stroke by reaching out to others to raise awareness and donations to help us ALL live longer healthier lives! You are a Heart Hero!